Personal Information

Personal Information

Surname: Deligiannis

Name: Kimon

Father's name: Stilianos

Birthday: May 21, 1988

Place of birth: Holargos, Athens


Profession: PhD student at Department of Informatics and Telecommunications

Lab memeber of Software and Database Systems Lab



  • Diploma in the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, University of Peloponnese, Greece (2016), Thesis: Augmented reality system development for library environments.
  • Degree in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Peloponnese, Greece (2013), Disertation: Implementation of a personal information update in Facebook.

Other activities

Hobbies and Interests

  • Traveling & Programming
  • Reading fantasy & science fiction novels
  • Listening to music
  • Cinema
  • Basketball
  • Dungeons & Dragons

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