journals and magazines



  • Paraskevi Raftopoulou and Euripides Petrakis.
    A Measure for Cluster Cohesion in Semantic Overlay Networks.
    In Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Large-Scale Distributed Systems for Information Retrieval (LSDS-IR), Napa Valley, California, October 2008. [pdf] [bib]

  • Euripides Petrakis, Giannis Varelas, Angelos Hliaoutakis, and Paraskevi Raftopoulou.
    Design and Evaluation of Semantic Similarity Measures for Concepts Stemming from the Same or Different Ontologies.
    In Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Multimedia Semantics (WMS), Chania, Crete, Greece, 19-21 June, 2006. [pdf] [bib]

  • Giannis Varelas, Epimenides Voutsakis, Paraskevi Raftopoulou, Euripides Petrakis, and Evangelos Milios.
    Semantic Similarity Methods in WordNet and their Application to Information Retrieval on the Web.
    In Proceedings of 7th ACM International Workshop on Web Information and Data Management (WIDM), 5 November, Bremen, Germany, 2005. [pdf] [bib]

  • Manolis Koubarakis, Christos Tryfonopoulos, Paraskevi Raftopoulou, and Theodoros Koutris.
    Data Models and Languages for Agent-Based Textual Information Dissemination.
    In Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Cooperative Information Agents (CIA), volume 2446 of Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, pages 179-193, Madrid, Spain, September 2002. Springer. [pdf] [bib]

  • P. Marrow, M. Koubarakis, R.H. van Lengen, F. Valverde-Albacete, E. Bonsma, J. Cid-Suerio, A.R. Figueiras-Vidal, A. Gallardo-Antolin, C. Hoile, T. Koutris, H. Molina-Bulla, A. Navia-Vazquez, P. Raftopoulou, N. Skarmeas, C. Tryfonopoulos, F. Wang, and C. Xiruhaki.
    Agents in Decentralised Information Ecosystems: The DIET Approach.
    In Proccedings of the Symposium on Information Agents for E-Commerce, AISB Convention, York, UK, March 2001. [pdf] [bib]

greek venues

  • Manolis Koubarakis, Theodoros Koutris, Paraskevi Raftopoulou, and Christos Tryfonopoulos.
    Efficient Agent-Based Dissemination of Textual Information.
    In Proceedings of the 2nd Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SETN), Thessaloniki, Greece, April 2002. [pdf] [bib]

theses, technical reports, and other papers

  • Paraskevi Raftopoulou.
    Rewiring Peer Connections over Semantic Overlay Networks.
    Ph.D. Thesis at the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Technical University of Crete, Greece, December 2009. [pdf] [bib]

  • Paraskevi Raftopoulou and Euripides Petrakis.
    Semantic Similarity Measures: A Comparison Study.
    Technical Univ. of Crete (TUC), Dept. of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Chania, Crete, Greece. (Technical Report TR-TUC-ISL-04-2005) [pdf] [bib]

  • Paraskevi Raftopoulou.
    Fair Resource Allocation in P2P Systems: Theoretical and Experimental Results.
    MSc thesis, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Technical University of Crete, Greece, June 2003. [pdf] [bib]

  • Paraskevi Raftopoulou.
    Design and Implementation of a Project Management System using Relational Databases.
    Diploma thesis, Department of Computer Science, University of Crete, Greece, 2000.