OntoFM: mind map your desktop!

The OntoFM file manager

OntoFM is a novel file manager that bases its interactivity on the userís personal ontology, offering semantic browsing and searching mechanisms for locating files, a mind map inspired ontology visualization, and simple-to-use intuitive functionality that encourages less experienced users.

mind map your desktop!

The implementation of OntoFM is based on Protege, an extensible open source ontology editor and knowledge-base framework. The file manager is implemented as a Protege tab widget, retrieving information from your personal ontology. Ontology visualization is based upon the OntoGraf plug-in which has been extended to comply with the mind map paradigm. Currently the ontology visualization pane permits only navigational functions, while other ontology management functions have been hidden to ease the complexity of the user interface.

OntoFM initial screen

OntoFM is under continuous development and improvement. We currently planning to add new functionality that involves:

  • letting users relate instances of concepts to files, groups of files, or folders
  • weighting of concepts based on recent user activity
  • viewing of relation types for files

Locate files easily by exploring your personal ontology. Constraint your searches semantically. Get rid of nasty naming conventions.

Where did I put my paper draft? Which folder name should I use to store my photos from my summer vacation in Crete? Where did I store the emails of people I met at the ISWC conference?

Perform semantic search for the desktop by exploiting user ontology relations to present files associated with specific concepts! Use the OntoFM file manager to explore your personal information space!

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