Department of Informatics and Telecommunications

Latest news

Current teaching

This academic year I will be teaching the undergraduate courses

  • Cryptography
  • Probability and Statistics (with I. Moscholios)
  • Systems Security

Moreover, I teach (with N. Kalouptsidis) the postgraduate course

  • Systems Security

of the M.Sc. program in Management and Economics of Telecommunication Networks (Dept. of Informatics and Telecomm.)

Past teaching

Past teaching includes the undergraduate courses

  • Advanced Cryptography
  • Digital Signal Processing (with S. Theodoridis)
  • Information Security
  • Information Theory and Coding
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Number Theory
  • Signals and Systems

and the postgraduate courses of the M.Sc. program in Theoretical Computer Science (Dept. of Computer Science and Tech.)

  • Cryptography and Applications
  • Information Theory and Coding

as well as

  • Networked Systems Security

of the M.Sc. program in Technology Education & Digital Systems (Dept. of Digital Systems)