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Textbook on Real-time systems
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This book covers a broad set of aspects that relate to real-time systems. As far as hardware is concerned, issues related to concurrency and processor multithreading are discussed, while hardware issues relevant to the digital capturing of mult-channel or single-channel data are also analysed. As far as software is concerned, the development of real-time systems is studied, with the focus being on the critical stages of system analysis and design; real-time operating systems, which will support the applications are also studied. Hardware and software are also examined as an integral system, through a comprehensive study of biomedical real-time systems. Finally, performance analysis of real-time systems is also extensively covered.
(excerpt from the foreword by prof. Athanasios Skodras)

ISBN: 978-960-418-457-6

Tziolas Publications

Table of contents (chapters)

  • Basic principles and examples
  • Requirements analysis - Structured analysis
  • Real-time systems design
  • Multithreading, superthreading and simultaneous multithreading
  • Data capturing
  • Real-time operating systems
  • Real-time biomedical systems
  • Real-time systems performance analysis

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Other authorships

  • Author of the book PC-Programming Techniques, Anubis Publications, 1994 (ISBN: 960-306-088-7) (in Greek).
  • Co-author of the book The ABC of Internet, Diavlos Publications, 1996 (ISBN: 960-531-002-3) (in Greek).

Translations of scientific textbooks

  • Member of the translation group of book Modern Operating Systems by A. S. Tanenbaum. Greek version published by Papasotiriou O.E.
  • Member of the translation group of book Fundamentals of Database Systems by R. Elmarsi and S. Navathe, Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company Inc. (ISBN 0-8053-1748-1). Greek version published by Diavlos Publications.

Contributions to non-scientific magazines

  • Editor of Pixel magazine (1987-1996)
  • Editor of PC-Master magazine (1989-1997)