Department of Informatics and Telecommunications

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Research interests

  • Cryptography: Analysis and design of stream ciphers, cryptographic measures for pseudorandom sequences, Boolean functions, applications of statistical learning in cryptography, design of s–boxes, approximation attacks, statistical cryptanalysis, joint design of error correcting and cryptographic codes.
  • Security: Attacks in network security protocols (SSL, TLS, IPsec), wireless network security with emphasis on cognitive radio networks (IEEE 802.22), security of information dissemination protocols in sensor networks, PHY layer security.
  • Error Correcting Codes: LDPC codes, greedy decoding algorithms, decoding algorithms based on linear programming (LP), random block codes, list decoding algorithms, probabilistic decoding algorithms and complexity issues, nonlinear codes, Reed–Muller codes.

Other activities

  • Associate Editor: EURASIP J. Wireless Commun. Networking
  • Reviewer in int'l journals: Advances in Math. of Commun., Benchmarking Int'l J., Computer Standards and Interfaces, Cryptography and Commun., Designs, Codes and Cryptography, Discrete Applied Math., Finite Fields and Appl., IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, IEEE Trans. Commun., IEEE Trans. Multimedia, Int'l J. Computer Mathematics, Inform. Processing Letters, J. Signal, Image and Video Processing, J. Computer Science and Tech., Security and Commun. Networks
  • TPC member in int'l conferences: ICASSP 2012, IEEE ISIT 2011, IEEE ICC 2011, DSP 2011, PCI 2010, WDFIA 2010 & 2009, IEEE GLOBECOM 2009, MCIS 2009, DSP 2009, EUSIPCO 2008, WDFIA 2008 & 2007, IeCCS 2007 & 2006, PARA 2006, IEEE ISCAS 2003, IEEE ISIT 2003, and EUSIPCO 1998.
  • Regular referee of research projects: numerous evaluations of research proposals and projects for the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT).
  • Independent expert: provisioning of consulting services to ministries and public organizations (General Secretariat for Commerce, Public Power Corporation, National Committee of Telecommunications and Posts, etc).