Academic Recognition

Referee for Scientific Journals

Member of the Review Board of International Conferences

Examiner of research proposals and projects

Examiner of theses

PhD theses

Member of the examination committee of the following PhD theses:
P. Mavridis, Efficient Texture Representation and Sampling Algorithms for Real-time Rendering, Department of Informatics, Athens University of Economics and Business.
E. Giannopoulou, Integration and Visualization of Proteomics Data, Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of the Peloponnese.

Postgraduate theses

Member of the examination committee of 15 postgraduate theses at the following departments:

Graduate theses

Member of the examination committee of 8 graduate theses at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunication, University of the Peloponnese.

Invited talks

May 2006
University of Ioannina, Department of Computer Science. Talk entitiled Multiresolution Techniques for the Simplification of 3D Vector Fields during a one-day seminar on Computer Graphics.

Member of scientific societies