a distributed social and semantic search system


an effort to design the next generation of social networks

DS4 allows the users to share and search for content among friends and clusters of users in a fully decentralised way. The users maintain access control and ownership of the shared content.

social and semantic network connections

Nodes that are semantically, thematically, or socially similar are automatically discovered and logically organised into groups by the system. Content retrieval is then performed by routing the user query towards social friends and clusters of nodes that have high likelihood of answering the query. In this way, search receives two facets: the social facet, where a user asks his friends for a piece of information, and a semantic facet, where it refers to nodes that are semantically close to the user query.

scalable, privacy-aware, automatic, general, adaptive!

DS4 is scalable (requires no centralised component), privacy-aware (users maintain ownership and control of their content), automatic (requires no intervention by the user), general (works for any type of content), and adaptive (adjusts to changes of user content/interest).

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