a distributed social and semantic search system

Screenshots of DS4

Our demonstrator presents a use case of DS4 prototype that includes the following steps: node initialisation and interest creation, addition/deletion/modification of node content, query execution and discovery of content from friend and non-friend nodes, and rewiring of node connections.

join service
DS4 home screen

Through an appropriate user interface, a user may utilise the node join service to connect to the social network and invoke interest creation to automatically cluster the content to be shared and identify user interests.

DS4 node interest modification

Additionally, the user may also manage his/her own document collection in the local index store, and add, remove, or modify the content or the metadata (e.g., tags). Interest creation may be invoked by the user when a significant amount of content in its local store has changed, or when the user wants to add/remove an interest.

query processing service

The user may use the query processing service to pose multi-keyword queries on the (meta-)data, and discover new content.

DS4 node interest modification

The content discovery process is automatic and returns (i) relevant results from the users' local store and (ii) content created by friends (social search) or nodes specialising on the query topic (semantic search).

rewiring service

A user may refine/refresh its connections manually by invoking the rewiring procedure at any time.

DS4 node rewiring

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